WordPress banned from China?

Question by Willy: WordPress banned from China?
Hi everyone, I would like to know whether any of you folks has a wordpress blog with a private domain name such as mygroovysite.com instead of mygroovysite.wordpress.com? The bottom line is: this site is acessible from China without a VPN?

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Answer by Rock
yep, it’s banned in China.

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  1. Even says:

    Yes, the ip of wordpress.com is banned from China. You only can access it though proxy or vpn.

  2. Lollie says:

    Most people I know local and Expat western are now using VPN connections to access the internet as most sites are either monitored blocked or tampered with in some way and this is only the start of it. See http://www.anglovpn.com to install and start to get an un-monitored free to look at any site internet connection.

  3. Eshkar says:

    When i recommend making use of VPNPower to be able to unblock web sites. I have been with them since 5 years. http://is.gd/powervpn

  4. Sharyl says:

    My spouse and i recommend applying http://www.vpnpower.net to unblock web sites. I am using their services for more than 2 years with no complications.

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