What’s a good blogging service to present my work?

Question by kapradette: What’s a good blogging service to present my work?
Hi! I’m looking for an interactive and original blogging service to present my portfolio…It contains both pictures and text and I can’t find anything that is good for both.
Any ideas?

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Answer by mybimperfect4u

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  1. Blog City says:

    u can post ur work on bloggers.com..for further detail

  2. Jodie says:

    Take a look at smallbusiness.officelive.com as an option. There are different options for uploading separate templates or you can use the templates the service comes with.

    There is an online community to use for help and how-tos – you can use keyword searches with the demos, Q&A and blogs to find the right information for your need. You can get a website, hosting and a domain – free and paid options.

  3. WebDesignerScotty says:

    The four blogging platforms that have a lot of functionality:

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