What is the most popular blogging site?

Question by Maxxie: What is the most popular blogging site?
By this I mean literal blogging sites like blogspot and such. Also, how do you advertise your blog so people can find it easily?

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Answer by Martino

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  1. anil kumar says:

    There are two famous and free blogging sites among many http://www.blogger.com and http://www.wordpress.com. To advertise your blog you can use multiple plans.
    can network with another like minded bloggers .
    by commenting on other related blogs.
    can advertise on twitter and facebook where your friends can find your blog
    can find forum related t your blog and be active there and have signature in your posts in forum.
    there are lot many first start blog and you will find many more.

  2. Snowbab says:

    Blogger.com (blogspot)
    And to get people to find it easily write about interesting things and make your blogs name and the titles of your posts have words that people will search for in search engines etc…

  3. Lisa M says:

    The best blog site is blogger because you can monetize it and its free. WordPress is good but cant post adds unless you go for the paid version then you will have hosting fees.

    As far as advertising you write articles, post comments on other blogs in niche, submit to social bookmarking sites, submit to directories, blog carnivals. This takes time and in the beginning you do so much that your fingers are going to fall off but don’t give up it will get easier you just have build some momentum to get the traffic going then your marketing efforts can slow down.

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