What is online blogging and how do people make money out of it?

Question by Sam: What is online blogging and how do people make money out of it?
Is it possible for a 16 year old to make money out of blogging?

I have no idea what a blog is or how they work.

I know that it can make money though


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Answer by Liane Bate
Online blogging is a way of communicating with others on a regular basis about any topic you wish to discuss. You would normally have a website of your own in place, and then sign up for a Blogger account at Blogger.com, so that you would have both a website and a blog. But you don’t necessarily have to have a website.

You can write anything you wish in your blog, make a post through Blogger.com, or WordPress.com, and every day or every week you would write up a post that your readers would find interesting.

If you’re interested in telling people how to make money online for example, you can write blog posts about how to make money online. If you’re interested in hiking in the mountains, you can write posts on your hikes. Or if you’re interested in music, you can write posts on your favourite artists, etc.

At the end of the blog, there is a comments section where you can invite others to comment on your post, and then get a discussion rolling.

In order to make money on a blog, you can copy and paste banners on your site that lead to another website offering something for sale. For example, you may be selling books online, so you can copy/paste a banner from Amazon.com leading to the books you sell via Amazon. If someone clicks on your Amazon banner, goes to your book list, and buys one of your books, you make money.

You can also use links in your blog posts to make money within the text. For example, if I am writing about how to make money online, I may want to use a HTML hyperlink for the phrase “make money online” that when people click it, it will lead to something I’m selling.

Also, at the end of your blog posts, you would normally make a little blurb about 2-3 sentences, an author bio box, containing links to your website/s that sell something, or to a product you are selling. When people click the links and buy your stuff, that is how you make money.

You can also put Google Adsense on your blog and make money the same way.

The trick is getting enough traffic to your blog. You want visitors to be drawn to your site, so you have to market your blog and make it findable on the net. A good way to do that is by joining blog carnivals, blog traffic exchanges, posting your links in posts such as the one I’m making right now. Once you get a lot of traffic to your blog, you can start making money.

It’s not the easiest way to make money online, but it is very effective if you know how to do it right. There are many ebooks you can read on the topic to get you started. I have an online business and a blog that all started with the help of the Plug-in Profit Site. This is how I learned to make money online. Check out my blog at http://www.HonestMoneyMaking.com/blog/ and good luck with your blog!

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  1. Doctor Deth says:

    google the word blog and educate yourself
    you make money if you get 10,000+ readers a day and can convince companies to advertise on your blog

  2. David Allred says:

    There are many platforms you can use to get started blogging. The cool thing is that each of these platforms will teach you how to blog.

    I would use http://www.blogger.com to start out with. You can sign up for a blog for free and if you have a question, just type it in the help section or in your browser and you will find the answer.

    The key to making money with blogging is to pick a topic or theme that is fairly original. It wouldn’t benefit you to blog about “making money blogging” because there is a ton of competition. If you have great content, that offers value to your readers, with some ads around your content, you can make money.

    Adsense, affiliate links, etc. are ways generate revenue from your blog. Just be creative!

  3. Chalie says:

    NO, They are all scams and spams.. its better to stay away…

  4. Credic J says:

    1) Start a blog
    2) Write write write
    3) Learn SEO (search engine optimization) to build traffic
    4) Once you have decent traffic you can monetize the website with ads.

  5. PaPaGrizz says:

    Hi ya Sam, Here is the best advise I can give you:

    Many people who want to start making money online face one common challenge – lack of money to get started. Starting an online business requires that you have a website, and it can be quite expensive to get a website set up. This is where a blog comes in!

    If you are starting an internet business on a shoe-string budget and have limited experience, then starting with a blog is an excellent way to get started. This article outlines the key reasons why it is a good idea for you to start making money online with just a blog.

    A blog enables you to start earning money online quickly. As soon as you get your blog, you can immediately start to advertise your products or services or promote your affiliate programs on your blog. When visitors click on your affiliate links and purchase a product on your blog, you are paid a commission for getting the sale.

    Starting with a blog is cheaper than having a website built. There are many free blogging services, so you don’t need to buy a domain name, pay for hosting or pay someone to design a website.

    Starting with a blog is easy and anyone can do it. The most important advantage of starting a home based internet business with a blog is the fact that it’s easy and no technical skills are required. You can do everything yourself. Having a website would require you to have some technical skills or you would need to pay someone to build your website.

    You do not have to spend a lot of money in advertising. In comparison to a website, it’s easier and quicker to drive traffic to a blog than to a website. By blogging consistently and using your keywords, your blog will get indexed quickly, and you will start to get some traffic to your blog.

    By having a blog, you can start making money online while having fun. This is simply because blogging is fun and easy. If you start your online business in a niche that interests you or that you know a lot about, you won’t find it difficult to blog everyday, and this will improve your search engine position and drive traffic to your blog. This will result in more sales!

    Blogging is therefore a good alternative for online home business newbies who want to start making money at home but have little funds to get started. Start your own blog today and start making money online!

    Sure hope this helps you. So shut the TV off, get off the couch and start your blogging..:)

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