The Blogging Business | Be Your Own Boss (BYOB Ep 1)

Rise and shine it’s a new day and I’m wide awake and excited to share today is the launch of my BYOB video series! For the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing weekly videos + blog posts on…
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  1. Kalei Lagunero says:

    I can’t wait to see more!! I just started my blog Jan 1st and I’ve had the
    opportunity to work with great brands but I also want to take it to the
    next level and figure out how I can really launch it and take off. I also
    make YouTube videos so that’s a crazy thing In itself, but I invested into
    my blog just like my channel and i feel like this is the year everything
    will happen. Thank you for being so transparent and kind enough to share
    your thoughts, opinions and tips. I truly appreciate it and I’m looking
    forward to more on this series! Thank you gorgeous! 

  2. Sumeyra Teke says:

    Omg I always wanted to be my own boss, and still wish to be! Lol

  3. BEYOUTifulByM says:

    I am new to your channel and I am beyond excited for this series!! xo

  4. The LDN Diaries says:

    This is fab! Looking forward to seeing more in the series xx

  5. Beauty and Bananas says:

    omg i CANT wait!!!!!

  6. ShortBrokeandHappy says:

    I just love you. Awesome video Saz.

  7. tbeautychic says:

    Thank you so much for this video. Love you! 

  8. Manoosa Far says:

    So nice to see a successful Kurd x

  9. Yessica Ayala says:

    How do you deal with rejection when it comes to your own brand? I’m sure
    it’s easy to take personal but hard to shake off. I would love to know what
    techniques or philosophy you use. Love the series!

  10. Leanne Van Breda says:

    Can’t wait to see more of this series! xxx

  11. Julia Anders says:

    Great video! I would happy to watch next BYOB videos!

  12. Bettina Gutierrez says:

    How exciting, I am looking forward to your series :) because I am stuck on
    both my blog and youtube channel.

  13. 1LovelyPrecious says:

    Hey guys! I have a fashion & beauty channel! It would mean a lot if some of
    you would take the time to view my channel and subscribe :) 

  14. Groovy Historian says:

    great video and inspirational we may not be in the space industry but the
    same principles of ‘self branding; and be your own boss as your self..
    certainly were i want to be for history one day :D all the best and well
    done .p.s thanks for sharing this great informative video

  15. Kristine Santos says:

    anyone know the lip colour she’s wearing or similar? :) x

  16. Hemylle de Oliveira says:

    Hey dear! Just go to your channel, and so far so good! By the way, love
    your wavy hair. :D

  17. Saharish Hooda says:


  18. Genells Martinez says:

    I am so ecstatic about this. I have been looking for the motivation to
    start my own channel as well as my own blog and I feel like I can use an
    insiders scoop on how to start it all. I know a lot of investment has to go
    through all this but a mini-guide would be so helpful because I have tons
    of questions. I consider myself to be a trendy stylish individual and I
    feel like I can bring a lot of my own qualities to the digital world but
    questions like: What camera do you use for filming, what editing program,
    who do you connect with? Do you have to be in big cities (i.e. L.A./N.Y.)
    to gain recognition? I’m sure its only this overwhelming in the beginning
    but having confidence and motivation is my key item that I’m missing and
    also the looming fear that it won’t go as I envision it to be. Hope this
    series can help me on the right path. Thanks again Sazan for creating this
    series and being honest with your followers. <3 xoxo Genie

  19. Cassandra Ryan says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog, mainly as a hobby, but
    want it to have the potential to make a bit of money off it in the future,
    so I can’t wait to see more of these videos! 

  20. Jenny Masterman says:

    Great series !! Def helpful

  21. feri86 says:

    Good video and pretty funny lol

  22. monica dempsey says:

    Love it!! How do u maintain your confidence in this business?

  23. Aasefah TheAntiquePiece says:

    Yaaay. Loved this. Waiting for more. Love you Sazan…. Muah Muah

  24. Michaela Courand says:

    Can’t wait for more videos on this topic!

  25. Faizal Jamali says:

    you and Adam Gallagher from (IAmGalla) inspired to do blogging

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