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WordPress.com gets a fixed toolbar in the Post Editor, a revamped Media

WordPress.com gets a fixed toolbar in the Post Editor, a revamped Media
If you run a blog directly through WordPress.com, rather than a self-hosted site using the free software from WordPress.org, you'll soon have access to an upgraded dashboard and set of editing tools. The most notable addition is a fixed toolbar for the …
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TechCrunch Open Sources Its WordPress Async Task Library
We built a library called WP Async Task to structure those background tasks. In June, we gave a presentation called “Non-Blocking WordPress” in which we talked about some of our approaches to performance. There was a lot of interest in our asynchronous …
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Best WordPress Themes That Are Free (August 2014 Selection)
For all those lovers of WordPress, the beauty of WordPress has a lot to do with the unlimited supply of WordPress themes which area available for any niche you want. These themes are customziable which means you can also tweak these according to the …
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50000 sites hacked through WordPress plug-in vulnerability
A critical vulnerability found recently in a popular newsletter plug-in for WordPress is actively being targeted by hackers and was used to compromise an estimated 50,000 sites so far. The security flaw is located in MailPoet Newsletters, previously …
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WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

Question by Popadil (Colonel): WordPress.com or WordPress.org?
whats the difference. i told my friend that i was planning to start my wordpress blog and she asked if i was gonna use .com or .org

im really new with this stuff


(cant use google, long story)
so i cant use .org without a host? what if i dont have mysql?

Best answer:

Answer by Adam
.org is where you go to download the software to upload to your own server, .com is where you go to get a free WordPress blog.

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Does WordPress.com cost money?

Question by Yemein: Does WordPress.com cost money?
Does WordPress.com cost money? Do you have to pay in order to make it look good? I need help

Best answer:

Answer by lightinglax
No, wordpress.com does not cost money, unless you want special features, like custom CSS or more space for pictures.

If you want special features, you have to pay with your own money the costs per day for the features. You get to choose your own features.

Otherwise, wordpress.com is free.

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WordPress.com blog games?

Question by Heyy: WordPress.com blog games?
Are there any games in which you can add to your wordpress.com blog? If yes, please add the links to your answer!

Best answer:

Answer by Smelly Cat
You cannot add anything like a game to a wordpress.com blog. They won’t allow it.

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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org?

Question by nellezieboo32: WordPress.com vs WordPress.org?
I have an idea of starting a blog, and I know that I want to use WordPress, but I have discovered that there are two interrelated websites. (.com and .org). I am hoping to profit from this blog, so I am unsure which site would be the best fit.

I know that the .com website is free, but from my current understanding of the .org website, I would have to pay for hosting and for a domain name.

Does anyone know the difference and which would be more beneficial?

Best answer:

Answer by Andrea
You should use wordpress.org, but you don’t need to download it. Pick a domain name, choose a web host, install wordpress using their control panel and that’s it. WordPress.com is for free blogs which have wordpress.com at the end of the domain name e.g. myblog.wordpress.com.

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