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Using Joomla!

Using Joomla!

Using Joomla!

If you’re new to content management systems—or even new to building websites—this practical guide will get you up and running in no time. You don’t have to know much code, if any, to get started.

Need to build a website quickly? Have a client that requires a powerful website with lots of compelling features? Ideal for web designers and developers alike, this updated edition takes you step-by-step through site creation with Joomla, with plenty of hands-on exercises along the way.

  • Build a sample site throughout the book to see how Joomla! works
  • Plan and structure your site’s categories, articles, menus, and modules
  • Learn the ins and outs of creating, organizing, and displaying content
  • Add images, audio, and video—and create complete image galleries
  • Build a blog, set up an events calendar, and create custom user forms
  • Sell merchandise by putting together your own online store
  • Engage visitors by creating user profiles and hangouts
  • Secure your site and keep it optimized
  • Migrate to Joomla! 3 and update your third-party extensions

List Price: $ 39.99


Using Drupal

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Can I do anything using joomla?

Question by Chamara M: Can I do anything using joomla?
Is it possible do anything using joomla

I) I mean using PHP can do lot of thing talk to database retrieve data from databse
doing varies calculation,validation handle any thing or limit with joomla
II) Can include PHP code into joomla site

Note:- I’m new to PHP and joomla before I little bit experience with ASP.net using C# I mean can do all This using
joomla just like asp.net
joomla 1.6/joomla 1.5

Best answer:

Answer by himadri
Joomla can be used to build any type of website from normal to complex. It is the popular content management system (CMS) where users can manage their contents easily without knowing the technical details of web design.
Joomla is developed using PHP programming and MySQL database. Joomla supports three types of features Modules, Components and Plugin, any programmer can develop their custom PHP code and use that as module, component or plugin. There are also many free modules, components and plugins in the joomla site (Check it – http://extensions.joomla.org/).

You can do anything you want using Joomla and PHP code just like asp.net.

Joomla 1.6 is the latest version of Joomla and it is much more secured and have some extra features from the previous version of Joomla 1.5. You can get more information on Joomla 1.6 at the joomla forum.

Joomla is the popular CMS in the Web Industry.

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Was this website made using wordpress?

Question by bustamove: Was this website made using wordpress?


Was this made using wordpress?
If not how do they get the sections and get everything so organized and what not?
And if it is wordpress, do you know what theme it is?

Best answer:

Answer by flybishop
It’s not wordpress, it’s a well laid out layout that requires an extensive amount of CSS to properly format it.

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How do i put ads in my website if im a beginner using wordpress?

Question by Caleb: How do i put ads in my website if im a beginner using wordpress?
and also can i make a proxy site using wordpress? and how can i make my own look without using one of the templates wordpress offers?

Best answer:

Answer by (_)_)::::::::::::::::D
download google adsense plugin

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