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What is the best blogging platform to use for a ‘tutoring’ site?

Question by blkobswg: What is the best blogging platform to use for a ‘tutoring’ site?
I’m working on starting a tutor series for Math. I’ll be using YouTube to upload videos, but I’d like a blogging platform or CMS to upload written explanations, include youtube videos along with written articles, and be able to customize the theme.

I’m curious as to what you recommend I look into using.

I’m a php developer so I can work most out to do what I want, but I’d rather not have to do this from scratch.

Services such as WordPress and Blogger are a no go for me. WordPress is a Pain to use and Blogger categorises by date not by information. Maybe a platform similar to entrepreneur.com???

Any input is appreciated!
I like the idea behind moodle. But I’m not feeling the coursework associated with it.

Best answer:

Answer by Carson
Well tumblr.com or wordpress.com are really good for blogging but for tutoring you might want to use wordpress.com

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