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I have a Coaches guide to sell . by Blogging about it & leave link to buy .How do I set up to sell?

Question by Dean Poirier: I have a Coaches guide to sell . by Blogging about it & leave link to buy .How do I set up to sell?
I wanted to sell it by blogging on the topic and affileate sales and other add types.. but I do not know how to get it set up to be sold buy a site or my page or whatever I have to do.. just as long as I can link to it from other line posts.

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Answer by Jake
The easiest way to setup to sell something on a site, particularly a one product store is to accept payment through a Paypal button they accept credit card payment from people without a Paypal account.

You may be facing a long effort to get a that receives enough visitors to make significant sales, when projecting sales conversions rates, some start with a 1% estimated conversions rate, 1 sale per 100 visitors to the sales page. You can assume an investment in an SEO campaign to earn search ranking which brings visitors wold be needed.

There are a number of digital download product options, some services that just manage the file and provide a piracy resistant temporary link, and various selling sites that help advertise the product and administer the payment issues. Shareasale, and Clickbank are example that have affiliate networks who help promote products with a typical 50% commission, this is a bargain if it gets you 10x the sales. There is some cost to get setup on these sites and they may require you to setup a dedicated sales page site. Some in the internet marketing field sell low cost guides through the rookie oriented Warriorforum site’s WSO (warrior special offer) section, your expected to offer a uniquely low discount price there, setup for a first time seller is around $ 80.

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How do I sell my wordpress created website?

Question by Jones: How do I sell my wordpress created website?
I am using hostgator web hosting and I have a few different wordpress sites that I am working on.
One of those sites are gaining popularity and I can tell that it can eventually be sold.

This site was build using wordpress and wordpress plugins, and my own little code editing skills.

How would I go about actually selling the site, when it comes to transfering the wordpress files
to the person that wants to buy it?

How it is basically done? Do I just copy all the wordpress files from that site to the buyers web host?

I want to give them the access and control to the domain registry and all the files to that wordpress site without it effected my web host files or other sites on my web host.

Any information and links would be great.
By the way, I am fully aware that I can do a google search about this, and I will do that, but
yahoo answers is also useful.


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Answer by CHANGE
you should have knowledge of marketing or contact a marketing expert.

try google ads etc.

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