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How to remove nofollow tags from WordPress posts?

Question by Permafrost: How to remove nofollow tags from WordPress posts?
I just built up a blog on wordpress.com but in my own posts, I see ‘nofollow’ tags on links.. How to fix that?
@Jake I don’t mean comments but my own posts

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Answer by Jake
WordPress made noFollow default several revisions ago, I believe you can ind a plugin that overides it at WordPress.org.


Ling juice theory says your pages will leak away more incoming backlink benefits through doFollow outgoing links.

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How to remove upload file size limit on wordpress ?

Question by Az: How to remove upload file size limit on wordpress ?
i have created a blog with wordpress. I have some problems. When I upload some file into my post the file’s size must be under 10MB. How can I remove this limit?

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Answer by AIT-pro.com
I’m going to take a guess at the WordPress plugin you’re using and guess that it is Cforms. If it is not the same general principal to set the file limit size applies to most WordPress plugins. Also your host server and or mail server may have a cap on the file size your can transfer via PHP. Typically that is 10MB. If they do then the alternative is to use a Javascript or HTTP script to get around this. Radinks.com makes a really good and reasonably priced file upload software. Ok back to the plugin configuration itself. Like i said this info is specifically for the Cforms plugin. If you’re not using it than i recommend installing it. So from the Dashboard go to your Cforms panel, click on Form Settings, click on File Upload Settings (specific to each form you create), under maximum file size enter the size in KB 12000KB equals 12MB. Like i said if your mail server does not allow files over 10MB your will have to go with another file uploader alternative using HTTP or Javascript instead of a PHP mailer. This will also require that you create a custom template for the theme you are using so that you can integrate the software into your website. I do this for a living so if you want me to do it for you I charge $ 150 for this service. Good luck! ;)

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How do I deactivate or remove my current WordPress theme?

Question by airdisch: How do I deactivate or remove my current WordPress theme?
I’m so frustrated. All I want to do is remove my current theme on wordpress. That’s it. And it’s unreal how difficult this is. Please. There has to be a simple way to just get everything back to normal. It’s not broken. I don’t want to install the kubrick theme or whatever. I just want it to be the way it used to be.
Tim – How do I do it through FTP?

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Answer by Tim
There’s two ways to change the theme of a wordpress.org site. Either you can log into your dahsboard, go to Appearance, and choose another theme and activate it OR you can go into your website via FTP and rename the current themes folder. This will force WordPress to use the default theme for your installation. I hope this helps!

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