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Questions about making your own blogging website?

Question by bluemoon: Questions about making your own blogging website?
I am looking into starting my own blogging site and using google adsense to make money. But, I have a few questions before doing so. Any answers are greatly appreciated…

1) Is google adsene a good way to make money for a stay at home mom, whom is attending college?

2) Will I be able to make more than one(1) blogger site if I use blogger.com?

3) Do you need a domain when starting a website or will the website on its own be ok?

4) What is wordpress and will I need that on my webpage?

5) What are some things that I can blog about that will bring lots of people to my site?

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Answer by Thumbs Me Down, Truth Hurts
1) Yes and No. It takes hard work to make money from a blog. Expect to work 4 times harder than a normal job at first. It would take a few months before you can make a good enough income to live on.

2) Yes you can make unlimited blogs.

3) You don’t need a domain, but its easier to advertise your blog if you get a domain. Lets say you create a blog at www.bluemoon.blogspot.com. That’s a pretty long time, and most people online recognize it as someone’s personal blog. www.bluemoon.com looks much more professional so its easier to advertise.

4) WordPress is a type of blog. Just like blogger is a type of blog. No you dont need wordpress if you decide to go with blogger or some other blogging site or software. WordPress is a little fancier and more professional than blogger, but blogger will do.

5) You can’t just expect to make a blog and people come to it. It takes a long time for Google to rank websites, and keep in mind that there are literally millions of people you are competing with to get a spot in Google. Most of them are professionals who know all the tricks to rank high in Google, you stand no chance against them. So very few of your visitors will actually find you from Google, you will need to advertise your blog. How to do that is up to you. Some people choose to make videos related to their blog and advertise that way, others choose to post links to their blog on forums or website directories, while others spam their blogs here on yahoo and sites like this. Professionals do a little of everything with the exception of outright spamming. It’s better to figure out what you can advertise, then build a blog based on that. If you think it would be hard to advertise a blog about acne, then dont build the blog because if you cant figure how to advertise it, you wont stand a chance. If you think making a blog about womens clothing would be easy for you to advertise, then go that route. But keep in mind, the easier something is to advertise, most of the time, the harder it is to make money from it. Google ads pay differently based on the content of your blog. A blog about music or movies is easy to advertise because everybody is into that, but the ads do not pay as well as other topics such as Cancer or Lawyers. You will get somewhere between .02 cents to .30 cents a click for music and movies. I have a few blogs related to music and I get about .04 cents a click. I have blogs about medical topics and on some of them I get as high as $ 2.50 a click (though the average click is around .75 cents). You can find a list of the highest paying subjects by googling “high paying keywords”. There’s lots of sites that talk about this and posts lists of subjects that pay very high. Problem is, lots of people know that and have already made tons of blogs about that stuff, so maybe its better to find a subject in the middle…one that not a lot of competitors know about, but that pays high (unless you are extremely creative and can figure out ways to advertise the high paying keywords on those lists). The only way to find out what pays high is through trial and error. Nobody is going to tell you what exact subject will be good and where to advertise it, because nobody wants competition. That part you have to figure out on your own.

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Questions about blogging(WORDPRESS!) I’ll give best answer?

Question by Eddie Gor: Questions about blogging(WORDPRESS!) I’ll give best answer?
Hey Guys I have this question

is it true

i made a blog in wordpress.com and do i have to have a host for my blog? or wordpress is already my host? and if i moved the domain to .tk (free) do i need a host? or can i host it by my self ? :DDD

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Answer by David D
WordPress.com blogs are hosted by WordPress. You need your own host if you download the WordPress software from wordpress.org.

If you used .tk (but don’t, they suck), then you would need to upgrade your wordpress.com account to a premium account that supports domains, or change hosts.

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Do you know of any open blogging communities where all questions are open for dicussion?

Question by Allie: Do you know of any open blogging communities where all questions are open for dicussion?
I’m 18 & going through phases in life where I need to vent/talk with people whom I don’t know & are not close to. Does anyone know of any blogging communities where I can find that?

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Answer by worldruler01

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