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what is blogging and how do i get paid? is it worth it?

Question by FFC: what is blogging and how do i get paid? is it worth it?
Hi, I really need some good advice and information about online work. Ive looked into various online opportunities, such as blogging, writing, web designing, online marketing, etc.. I have the time and brains for online work, I need to take a path and get started. Iv had plenty of ideas, thoughts and plans but I get stuck on where to take these master plans. Please, In need of advice and help from really wise, knowledgeable people out there. If you understand my question please feel free to leave me an answer! thank you.
By the way, I’m an artist, drawing(pencil). Skills:Great talker, great with computers, smart, fast, self motivated, great writer, amazing imagination, good at whatever I put my mind to, will not give up!

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Answer by Paul John
Blogging is the way to communicate with your potential customers and regular visitors.YOu can make money in your blog through Google Adsense basically Adsense pays on a click basis(CPC). Ther e is also affiliate program. Basically an example of an affiliate sale would be if you sold lawn mowers and I referred a customer to you, if they purchased you would pay me back a % of the sale for referring them. There are numerous options for this on the internet now. The main programs that is common now are the following:
Amazon’s Affiliate program
Commission Junction
There are many others, but these are a few of the more popular ones available.

Hope this helps…

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I want to get paid for blogging on a legitament site.?

Question by Suzanne: I want to get paid for blogging on a legitament site.?
I want to get paid on a very legitatment site where i can generate huge amounts of cash instead of bits of money in which is not worth blogging. If anyone has any experience and information on this, would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to pay for a membership for the site in order to get paid

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Answer by Alan
blogging is a hobby not a profession. I’m a blogger myself, my blog has over 9000 views per week and I make about 30 dlls a month for advertising local breweries (its a local beer blog). I’m also “collaborating” with the San Diego UT (bigest newspaper) and a big local blog but both don’t pay good at all, they pay about 20 per article each about 2 pages long. of course I have a second job, im a brewer at a local brewery (duh)

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how to set up with paid blogging?

Question by fmyr: how to set up with paid blogging?
How and where can I get a job doing paid blogging?

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Answer by Andrew
You may wish to look at blogging job boards. There is one in the source below.


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Who paid the best for Internet Blogging?

Question by lengloi: Who paid the best for Internet Blogging?
Im a stay home mom and i need to earn some extra and they said Internet blogging is one option but i don’t know which one is better and paid best…need your help guys about this…thanks!

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Answer by Rand
Try out http://www.blogger.com one of the best ways to start out blogging, pretty easy to use. Trust me it’s the best place to go for for starting a blog, well until you get good at it, then you may want to use other blog services.

Most people use google adsense to make money from blogging, but there are many other ways.

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How do I get into paid blogging?

Question by Angelia: How do I get into paid blogging?
I’ve heard about people who get paid to blog. I love to write, so I think this could be a way for me to earn a little extra money. When I googled the topic, I got so many results it was hard to decide where to start. Does anyone have any suggestions about where I could start looking for blogging jobs? Thank you.

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Answer by Nathan
yahoo answers.com

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