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Floor Waxes, Dessert Toppings, and Blogging

Floor Waxes, Dessert Toppings, and Blogging
I see from Ezra Klein that Andrew Sullivan says that he's stopping blogging; Klein and others are offering various encomiums. You'll pardon me if I don't join in. You see, I remember Sullivan declaring that the “decadent left” was poised to become a …
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YouTube blogger Zoella buys £1m five-bedroom mansion in Brighton
She began her career as a teenager posting videos on YouTube about fashion and beauty from her bedroom. But seven million subscribers later internet superstar Zoe Sugg, 24, better known as Zoella, has bought herself a £1million five-bedroom mansion in …
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Schlossberg holds blogging boot camp in Bethlehem
State Rep. Mike Schlossberg conducted a blogging boot camp for local businesses last week at the Bethlehem campus of East Stroudsburg University. Two dozen local business owners took part in Thursday's program, which highlighted the benefits of …
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Andrew Sullivan Retires From Blogging
Andrew Sullivan, a prolific writer on politics and culture who was a web journalism pioneer, announced on Wednesday that he would stop blogging. Mr. Sullivan said in a post on his site, The Dish, that he had been blogging for 15 years. “That's long …
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