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Chatbox for wordpress blog?

Question by D-X69: Chatbox for wordpress blog?
I need a chatbox for wordpress blog, which is something similar to the blogger one.. or anything is fine which can be chat on the blog by entering their name only.

Please tell me how can I do so.. Thanks..:D

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Answer by Steve B
You can find a few options at the official WordPress site:


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Is there any way I can insert a chatbox on my wordpress blog?

Question by king7matthew: Is there any way I can insert a chatbox on my wordpress blog?
I do not want the chatbox provided by wordpress because it does not allow my conversations to appear on my page itself.

Apparently if I do want to have a chatbox such as cbox or flooble then I have to upgrade or something. Any alternatives?

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Answer by stephen.omara
Yes. I’ve found one. Why not try it out.

Whats your wordpress blog address??

You can do it here:


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