Questions about blogging(WORDPRESS!) I’ll give best answer?

Question by Eddie Gor: Questions about blogging(WORDPRESS!) I’ll give best answer?
Hey Guys I have this question

is it true

i made a blog in and do i have to have a host for my blog? or wordpress is already my host? and if i moved the domain to .tk (free) do i need a host? or can i host it by my self ? :DDD

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Answer by David D blogs are hosted by WordPress. You need your own host if you download the WordPress software from

If you used .tk (but don’t, they suck), then you would need to upgrade your account to a premium account that supports domains, or change hosts.

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  1. Dave Hamer says:

    If you have a blog then it is being hosted for free with WordPress.

    If you are serious about blogging and get lots of viewers and maybe even want to monetize your blog then I would seriously consider getting your own Domain Name and Web Space which you fully control and transfer your blog to a blog.

    It will cost you less than $ 10 per month but you will have full control of your blog which no-one can ever take away from you – unlike free blogs – they sometimes disappear over night.

    If you check my profile (I think?) you can see some of my other answers – and you’ll find one which gives more detail on how to transfer from to blog.

    Hope that helps – Dave

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