Is there anyway to allow others to place videos on my WordPress blog, similar to You Tube?

Question by Band: Is there anyway to allow others to place videos on my WordPress blog, similar to You Tube?
I want to make my WordPress blog have the function that allows others to put videos on the page whenever they want, even if they do not have my log in information. Is there anyway to do this? It would be similar to the way that people put videos on Youtube and make their own account.

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Answer by nadzcabral
I’m afraid that there’s no direct way you can do this on a WordPress blog. The best alternative is to have a YouTube niche script like this: running on a separate directory and linking it from WordPress.

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  1. Am I Pretty... Duh! says:

    You can, but you need to make sure that you have your own hosted blog. If you are using a hosted site, you can’t.

    You can find a tutorial here:

    It’s not free, but it has the information you need and more.

  2. molimoli says:

    There is many aspects to take into consideration and the big two are the rights and bandwidth. What I would suggest is to teach people how to put video on youtube and send you the link via a form. Generally, just a forn can do the job. You can say, send me the link of the video you put in yuoutube, google…

    Then you can take the url and put in your website like here:

    Putting directly the video in a website brings cost for the website’s owner. If many persons see the video, the bandwidth increase. For a limited bandwidth in sharehosting account, you’ll be out of your limitation.

    Concerning the rights, people use freely videos from youtube and you’ll be safe from any kind of problems. You can just said, you’ve syndicated a post from Youtube
    Hope this help

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