Is it legal to make a anime blogging website?

Question by Life: Is it legal to make a anime blogging website?
Hi guys, here is my problem. I am thinking of making a website or blogging website with anime such as Naruto, bleach etc. Will I get in trouble if I attempt this? I would only do this to generate revenue.

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Answer by Zach Fry
Mystery –

Hey, how’s it going man! I am pretty sure that you will be fine. You can search it up on the web to double check if you want. But I am pretty sure you should be fine. :)

– Zach

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  1. Justin says:

    If you want to create a website to make money, you should speak with a lawyer about your business plan and concerns. It almost sounds to me like you want to host anime content and somehow collect money for it. Although I am not a lawyer, making money off of something you don’t own the rights to seems like it wouldn’t fly.

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