I would like to start a jobs website using Joomla or WordPress. Is this possible?

Question by dtc: I would like to start a jobs website using Joomla or WordPress. Is this possible?
I should add that I’m not that technical, so a solution that is easy to use would be more appropriate of the two.

The website will work in a similar way to gumtree’s classified ads. If this is possible would I also be able to add a charging mechanism for the ads using Joomla or WordPress.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Answer by Suire R
Please try out http://nosle.com.
You can create your website, run ads, elaborate customization and much more etc.

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  1. mukeshdak76 says:

    I would recommend to not to think of Joomla as for this to maintain you need to be high-tech. It would be very-inconvenient to you as it is bit complex.

    Again I would not recommend to use WordPress ( though I am a great fan of it ) as its free version ( *.wordpress.com ) would not allow you to place your ads and you would not be able to earn. For hosting Ads you will have to go for self-hosted version of WordPress which will bring a lot of trouble beside hosting free and domain registration fee.

    For you best bet is “Blogger”, so go to http://www.blogger.com where you will get everything you want with no limitation and no tension.

    But if this project matters a lot to you and you wanna go far ahead with this, also willing to pay something initially, wanna have your brand name ( site name of your choice ) etc. then you should go with self hosted wordpress blog.

    Any way Blogger is the best bet for you right now.

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