How to upload a theme to WordPress?

Question by : How to upload a theme to WordPress?
I have constructed a theme for WordPress and want to upload it to WordPress so people can download it for free, how do I do this?

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Answer by Wide Glide
Contact WordPress first. The theme will have to be approved first by the Staff.

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  1. Leonne says:

    I agree with previous poster. If you want to offer your theme on as a free theme, then you need to submit it to them. Read this post in their Codex.

  2. Jeff says:

    You need to create a theme account at

    Check your email for the password. You can now login here:

    (It’s a small login form with a blue background)

    Now go to the Upload Themes area which can be found here:

    You’ll just need to make sure everything checks out against the WordPress standards and upload it as a Zip file.

    Good luck!

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