How to earn money by blogging?

Question by manu: How to earn money by blogging?
I’ve been seeing a lot of sites that pay people for blogging but i can’t them to accept my blogs! What kind of blogs do advertisers prefer? Do blogs on sites like blogger stand a chance? And since i don’t know the nuances of paid blogging can somebody explain them to me?

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Answer by Adeife Adebiyi
There are several ways to earn money from blogging and using blogger does not stop you from earning money from your blog. It is just that wordpress is the most popular therefore preferred blogging platform.

Some ways you can make money are
1. Google adsense
2. Selling ad space
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Selling your own product etc

But what you should focus on is creating valuable content that can attract good number of traffic.

The more the quality traffic the more the money advertisers will be ready to pay and the more chances you will have to make some commissions from affiliates marketing…

Go ahead and be successful…

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  1. Evey says:

    Try this:

    You dont have to write any reviews if you have a blog, it’d be enough if you put an advertise with reference link. People will start to write reviews for you and you’ll get the benefit.

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