How do you make a non-blog website in wordpress?

Question by Ryan S: How do you make a non-blog website in wordpress?
I need to make a website, and would like to use WordPress as a content management system. I do not want a blog however, something with pure text content in each tab as opposed to entries.

Anyone have any idea where to start in this?

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Answer by Teddy
I would take a look at It isn’t word press but it’s pretty amazing. You can fully customize it and add whatever you want.

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  1. j k says:

    Use pages instead of posts. Just don’t ever create posts.

  2. Groundskeeper Willy says:

    I use pages rather than posts , and disable “comments”

  3. Curt J says:

    Joomla and Drupal are two great content management systems (CMS), but they aren’t as easy to work with as WordPress. At my work I take care of the website. I began with Joomla. After a couple of years, haveing worked with WordPress on personal projects, I knew I could use it as a good CMS, and it would be easier for my co-workers to update pages with new text and images.

    You will want to use the pages instead of posts, but I highly recommend that you find a theme that works for you, that you like. There are a lot of free themes, but it would be best to go with a premium theme since they usually come with support (either through forums or email). I have worked with Woo themes and have just started working with the Headway theme. Both are outstanding. Rocket Theme is very, very good too. There are others out there as well.

    With a premium theme you don’t have to worry about making the site look like a CMS on your own. In other words you won’t need to necessarily know HTML or CMS or PHP, though it always helps to know something if you want to make some tweaks to your theme.

    Good luck.

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