How do you get a job blogging?

Question by Zach Robinson: How do you get a job blogging?
Hoe do you get a blogging job what website do I go to I’n order to get started blogging? How do you make money from your blog? How does it all work?

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Answer by Brad
How To Set Up Your First Blog The Right Way the First Time

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Your 5 Simple Steps Away From making money with Your Own Blog.

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  1. Chris P says:

    There are a couple of ways that you can get started, and both will help lead you to the other one. You can create a WordPress blog site, with the subject being whatever you want it to be. Create the site, optimize it for search engine results (keywords will be especially useful here) and then start sharing it through Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, linkedin, and any other social networking site you can come across. Once you have a steady flow on your site, I would recommend signing up with a website like Odesk or Freelancer and begin bidding on jobs from there. Clients will want to see your work, which will mean more exposure for your site, and the more exposure it gets, the better your chances are of selling advertising space on it. Just always make sure you get credit for everything you ever write, just in case a larger client stumbles across your work one day and likes what he sees.

  2. Dream Pradeep says:

    make a best blog and add on your blog the Google Adsense ads it give more money and you earn more money from your blog.

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