How do I transfer an iWeb site to WordPress?

Question by mandy_l_wilson: How do I transfer an iWeb site to WordPress?
I’m fairly proficient in iWeb, but know next to nothing about WordPress. My primary reason for switching is due to SEO. I have hosting with Go Daddy, if that helps at all. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Tim
You dont. WordPress is a content management system that uses a database to build websites. You’d have to create the website in wordpress to mimic your iWeb site.

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  1. rob steele says:

    Hi you would need to build a wordpress theme around your current website then re-populate this in wordpress. Should be quite straight forward once you have the new theme working.

  2. SusanLemon says:

    You may need to hire a someone or a company who specializes in WordPress web design and development. In my business, I hate spending money on things I think I can handle myself but in the long run if the opportunity cost is too high and it makes more sense for me to hire a task out then it only makes me and my business more efficient. Best of luck!

  3. Paul L says:

    You can convert your iWeb blog posts and comments to a WordPress blog using software called iWeb to WordPress.

    But you cannot convert the design and other pages.

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