How can you add a forum/discussion board on a WordPress site?

Question by ♣ iPaulTV ♣: How can you add a forum/discussion board on a WordPress site?
I have a wordpress website and want to add a forum or discussion board of some sort on it.

How can i do this? Is there a widget, or something?

Please help.

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Answer by dragon
You can just add a forum like phpBB within a different directory and link your WordPress to it. I can’t think of a way to actually have the two integrated unless you can find a plugin for WordPress.

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    An Independent Forum is very easy to add anywhere.
    But i have the Exact Solution for you to integrate it with WordPress!
    After applying my solution you will be able to:
    Add forum to your WordPress site. (
    The forum will be connected to the WordPress so no separate login required for that.
    Anyone with WordPress user id and pass can engage in forums.


    Download and install the this plugin
    Follow instructions and create a page to make a URL for forum.
    Create Topics and assign moderators for the forum.

    And There you Go!

    To know how to install plugins for WordPress visit
    So after that you can install forum for your WordPress Blog.

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