how can i use blogging to make money?

Question by Engr.Sareer: how can i use blogging to make money?
i want to make some money bu using any blogging application would any one guied me please?

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Answer by Robin Ong
There are numerous ways to blog for money. But it won’t be easy. Making money via a blog is actually new age entrepreneurship that needs persistence, rock solid determination and continuous drive in sharpening your blogging skills. There are many ways to monetize your blog like pay per click (Google adsense, Chitika, Adbrite….), Affiliate Marketing (Clickbank, …), domain flip, drop-ship, eBay. However, all these avenues come to nothing if you don’t have targetted traffic. You need targetted traffic into your sites that make money like your adsense, your eBay site etc. Refer to blogs like:

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  1. Issa says:

    Any blogging platform ( Tumblr, Typepad, WordPress, Blogger, etc ) can help you make money if you choose to monetize it with ads. For example, if you run Blogger, you can ad Google Adsense to your blog. The important thing here is how to drive traffic to your blog and this can be achieved simply by writing quality stuff, not fluff. You may also try building links to your blog ( just see the source below for more ) Good Luck!

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