How can I switch the right and left column of a wordpress theme?

Question by RandomGirl: How can I switch the right and left column of a wordpress theme?
I have a wordpress theme that I downloaded, it’s two column theme with a right sidebar. Can anyone please tell me if it’s possible to switch the two around? Or where I can get a tutorial on how to do it or something? So that I have a left sidebar. Can this be done easily? How?

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Answer by HurricaneJuss
It is definitely possible, but how you do it depends on your theme. Most layout elements in wordpress use the float:left CSS property to position the sidebar & sub elements. You could tweak the CSS property on the .maincolumn entry to float:right. It would be better for you to modify the PHP layout files directly, and move the #sidebar div up above the main column. If they are both float:left elements, it would put the sidebar on the left.

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  1. James C says:

    As hit on above it is possible. Probably not very easy unless you know css and some basic html. If you do then go ahead and make a complete backup of the site. Then start editing the stylesheet.css. In WordPress 2.7 (current version) you can go to appearance and then select edit. From there you will see a list of all the files that run wordpress on the right side. Select stylesheet.css and look for the two content area and find the styling and make changes.

    As an alternative you might just want to change the whole theme to one that has a left column like you are looking for to start with.

    The last option of course (which is hard to know) is depending on your theme there might be an extra set up options based on the theme that would allow you do do this. For example the Mandigo theme and Semio Logic theme both allow you to set your sidebars right or left or any combination thereof.

  2. mukeshdak76 says:

    Some theme designer offer this option to user like that in popular “Tarski” theme. If your theme designer might have provided this option in your them, you can get this in theme-option page

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