How can I add a custom header to the wordpress Liquorice theme?

Question by Techie Girl In Love: How can I add a custom header to the wordpress Liquorice theme?
So, I started out making a self hosted website using and I am using the theme Liquorice , it’s all ready except the header, I want to add a custom header to my site and I’m new to coding so please help me. How could I add a custom header to my site ( if the link would help) ? Thanks A lot :)

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Answer by UrxmlF
WordPress headers can be changed on the left side of the admin panel under Appearance, Header.

If this is not found you may need to find a plug-in for easy WP changing of headers or manually edit the applicable PHP files and / or CSS styles.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Not all WordPress themes give you the option of changing the header. I found this quite annoying when constructing websites myself. If the header can be changed you will find it under ‘Appearance’ in the main dashboard.

    If the header can’t be changed you may have to get involved with the editor (HTML, CSS, & PHP code). I would only recommend changing the code if you know what you are doing. This can break your website if you aren’t careful. Always have a copy of the original around (like notepad or word) if you plan on doing this. If you use the Chrome browser, the ‘Inspect Element’ feature when you right click on something will come in handy.

    Good luck to you.

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