Drupal CMS Video – “What is Drupal?”

Drupal is a cutting edge, open source web development platform, designed to grow with the expanding needs of your business. Drupal’s modular CMS system can b…
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This is the 6th tutorial in a series that show users how to user the very popular open source content management system Drupal 7. This tutorial shows you how…


  1. Andrey Orlov says:

    What is Drupal?

  2. Cybooz says:

    What is Drupal?
    Drupal CMS Video – “What is Drupal?”

  3. Michael Truncale says:

    Show off how awesome Drupal is. This video was designed to speak to the
    beginner or the new client that likes to see numbers.

  4. Виталий Хаменский says:

    красочно и по делу – про Друпал:

  5. Freddy Cahuas says:

    Que es Drupal ??

  6. Flat Cap says:

    What is Drupal?

  7. Variant Studios, Inc. says:

    “What is Drupal”? A great video highlighting the wonderful Drupal CMS

  8. Yukinobu Kurata says:


    Drupal CMS Video – “What is Drupal?” – YouTube
    Drupal CMS Video – “What is Drupal?”

    Drupal – ウィキペディア – Wikipedia

  9. Arun Cybooz says:

    What is Drupal?
    Drupal CMS Video – “What is Drupal?”

  10. Ulukman Mamytov says:

    Very nice!

  11. Druvision says:

    Amazing movie – I will tell all of my Drupal friends to share it with their
    clients. I would like to see more movies of this type, and share them on my
    Drupal news site – Druvision

  12. Amir Taiar says:

    By far the best Drupal intro video I have seen! Thank you for that and I
    will reun and publish on my Drupal shop website…

  13. cintrix says:

    Damn right!

  14. Thomast Thomas says:

    Nice Video…

  15. Arman Zil says:

    красочно и по делу – про Друпал:

  16. William Gutierrez says:

    Hi, thanks for all this tutorials… can u help me with a issue?? when I
    want to create a Page, the “body” part is not visible, just the tittle and
    description… and this happened with all templates that i tried…. what’s
    the problem? =/

  17. Carolanne Knox says:

    I am following the tutorial but my screen doesn’t look like yours. There
    are what appears to be input boxes. How do I change this?

  18. Abhijeet Paratkar says:

    nice series !! Thanks a lot for these TUTs!!

  19. Brian Vu says:

    Thanks LevelUpTuts! You guys have a lot of good tutorials. I’ve subscribed
    to your channel.

  20. Jason OneStop says:

    Check us out for more great Drupal tutorials like these!

  21. amsfuy says:

    Like it, thanks!

  22. Robby Theunis says:

    Hello, i just found out about your tutorials, they look very nice! I am
    working on my first drupal website, I started from a free theme. Linked to
    this tutorial I would like to post a question: How can I make a menu link
    where I can add more than one content? (like the home button). So let say I
    want a button ‘projects’ next to home, and in projects I want to list
    several project articles, is that possible, I how can I do this? Thanks in
    advance. Regards Robby

  23. LevelUpTuts says:

    I would say it’s probably a permissions issue. drupal . org/node/1537722

  24. Megha Syam says:


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