Drupal 8 – A Brief Introduction

Drupal 8 brings a lot of changes. Many standby contributed modules are now included with Drupal Core, and many small changes add up to the most exciting Drup…


  1. Darren Varley says:

    So many amazing new features. The mobile user friendliness for working from
    a tablet or phone will be really handy.

  2. Chris Weber says:

    Here’s a second attempt to share this.

  3. Web Coast Productions says:

    SUPPER AMAZING! I’ve been using Drupal 7 and Drupal Gardens for a couple of
    years and I refuse to use anything else because of the community and how
    powerful it is, so question… will Drupal Gardens be changing to Drupal
    8’s core type interface?

  4. Michael H Chase says:

    TY, TY, TY for sharing this. AT long last a WYSIWYG! Ive been waiting since
    2009 for that.

  5. Chris Loos says:

    Nice presentation. I was avoiding learning anything about D8 because I was
    dreading having to make the switch from D7 but now I’m actually excited
    about it.

  6. Tim Kamanin says:

    Here’s a second attempt to share this.

  7. Claudius Rauter says:

    Here’s a second attempt to share this.

  8. DropDire says:

    #Drupal 8 – A Brief Introduction http://ow.ly/z3NDQ

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