Can anyone tell me how to make money blogging online?

Question by Timothy Harrison: Can anyone tell me how to make money blogging online?
I have been searching on the internet to learn how to make money blogging online. Is there anyone who can give me some ideas on how to do this?

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Answer by Angie
simple, find someone willing to pay for what you blog.

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  1. Jack says:

    be intresting

  2. Jake Birdem says:

    Generally bloggers make money from renting advertising space and paid posts with endorsements.

    The key of course is getting lots of visitors, regular reoccurring columns like “what cracked me up on the internet this week” can attract loyal repeat visitors. And of course some time must be spend improving search ranking through SEO.

    One of the easiest income generator is Google Adwords, you place these ad block areas on your site, Google populates them with ads that match the content of each page. This can generate “electric bill” money. Their min payout of $ 100 can take 10s of thousands of visitors to earn.

  3. - - says:

    find a problem, create an answer to it, sell it

  4. xchasingsummerx says:

    I make decent pocket money on 2 sites-
    As long as you don’t have unrealistic expectations, pay to click sites are great and super easy. 

  5. Lasse Appleby says:

    I recommend you read this forum post:
    [PROOF!] How I Make $ 25,000 A Month With SEO Secrets ANYONE Can Use To Dominate Google #1 Ranks!

    There are lots of real users sharing their success stories on that forum:

  6. imisidro says:

    Advertising and sponsorships are the main ways a blog can earn money.

    I suggest you read Business 2.0 Magazine’s article “Blogging for Dollars,” . This is a 2006 article, but even then top blogs such as Boing Boing, and earned a million dollars in ad revenues, while TechCrunch earns $ 60,000 a month in ad revenues. These blogs are ranked by Technorati as among the top 20 blogs of all.

    1. Join an advertising network. Check if they accept blog sites. Examples are:

    – Burst Media
    – Tribal Fusion

    2. Participate in contextual advertising networks.

    – Google Adsense
    – Chitika
    – Kontera

    3. Use advertising networks that cater specifically to bloggers.

    – Federated Media
    – Pheedo

    4. Pay per posts where you get paid to talk about certain products or services

    Pay per Post this works more as paid advertising copy.

  7. Drew says:

    I make money reading surveys, reading emails and doing other stuff. If you want to make money blogging this might help you:

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