Blogging and fame?

Question by kitty cat: Blogging and fame?
Why is it that many people (mostly Asian girls) blog, video blog, myspace, friendster, etc. and plaster tons of pics of themselves and their lives and become famous for it (like Tila Nguyen, Dawn Yang, and other Asian models)? Do they do it for fame or for themselves? I personally do it for myself and for friends and mines is private. If I expose my blogs and pics to the public, would I have a chance to fame too ? (I’m definitely not ugly btw) What do you guys think about blogging and the road to fame?
When I asked if I should expose my blogs and pics, I DON’T mean posing sexy and whoring it up! What I mean is should I take my profiles off of private. My profiles show pics of me in everyday life and having fun with friends. Of course I have pics of me posing but definitely not any thing suggestive, most of them just head shots.

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Answer by Twzted P
Honestly, it is a good way to get noticed…so long as you’re not boring(or at least if you are you’re easy on the eyes and worth watching). But, in my opinion it’s pretty cheap. If you wanna be famous, do something other than flip your hair around, bat your eyelashes, and make yourself out to be intellectually stupid. I mean sure, a young blonde giggling and jiggling her breasts while forgetting how to open a door is entertaining it’s over used and hardly something worth being known for.

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  1. Vera says:

    Well, there are a lot of perverts online, so if you post a sexy picture there is a high chance that you attract people.

    However, that is not always the case. For example the site – it has an ugly layout, tonnes of ads, doesn’t allow comments and yet has a truckload of visitors. Some people even created for people to leave comments regarding VA’s blog posts.

    If that’s not fame… and yet, very little personal infomation is disclosed about the webmistress. What photo? Her given name is not even known, she refers to herlsef as V (though this is probably the V from her site’s name Violen Acres). Her site’s been up since october last year.

    If you have a great content, you can become popular even without “whoring yourself out”.

    For the record, I’ve been into blogging for close to 4 years and have never heard of those girls you mention. So they can’t be THAT popular :P

  2. w00t nugget says:

    blogs are lame.

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