Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal

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  1. tcw says:

    Can I get some clarification:
    He says Drupal has a HUGE learning curve, and is not easy. Is he saying
    that to to people who are beginners in web development, or talking to
    experienced developers who have used other CMS’s? Is Drupal something
    experienced developers struggle with?

  2. Roger Harris says:

    Just starting with Drupal. I have designed a bunch of websites using
    Wordpress, but hate dealing with WP security pains. Also looking for more
    flexibility and scalability with Drupal. So far I have found Drupal quite
    easy, but not as intuitive as WP. 

  3. Ram Akkireddy says:

    Very Nice; Thanks!

  4. Keith Cannon says:

    One thing for people to consider with choosing the CMS is the security
    factor, too.

  5. Philip Gilbert says:

    I know Joomla pretty well but am having install problems so I uploaded
    Drupal as a test. Now I have to decide if it is worth getting to know. I
    wonder if I can transfer some skills? Joomla is pretty ‘clumsy’ and it can
    take a while to remember how to do stuff like set-up a menu.

  6. Sami Ahvenisto says:

    Trying to figure out whether to use publishing system or write just own
    html code

  7. mikeyo1234 says:

    At 7:10 bragging about the steep learning curve. I hate developers who
    intentionally make things difficult due to a complete ego trip. The
    designer of drupal should be ashamed if this is the learning curve. Maybe I
    misunderstood. If you are joking then fair enough, otherwise you are a part
    of the IT world that has probably created numerous suicides and nervous
    breakdowns. Please be proud of making something easy to use. Git is also an
    ego driven development tool.

  8. Henry Hugman says:

    Beginners guide to #Drupal #webdesign

  9. Gil Estes says:

    mikey, I don’t think he’s bragging about the learning curve, he’s just
    being honest. If you want maximum configurability and power, there is a lot
    to learn. If you want something that is “simple” for a rank beginner, then
    you aren’t going to be getting into complex capabilities, database
    interaction, theme development, etc…

    Keep in mind, what is simple to a software consultant (myself, you
    perhaps?), will be extremely difficult for someone who has never written or
    even seen an tag. Learning curve for a beginner will be
    tough…probably not so much for you and me.

    Just my thoughts…

  10. run4fun says:

    great presentation!

  11. Drupal Geneva says:
  12. PHP Programming says:

    The Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal The Absolute Beginners Guide to

  13. José José Quezada says:
  14. Sameer Verma says:
  15. Scoolico | My Online School says:

    Nice tutorial #tool #Drupal The Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal .
    This too 65 full (:
    Drupal Tutorials #1 – Installing Drupal 7 Locally .

  16. mohammed sadiq says:


  17. William Davidson says:

    Jeez what a program, I feel so old school.I really like the program and i
    can see something kinda brilliant about it, havent figured it out yet Im
    just starting out. I just want to write queries and spit out lists of
    business information, thats so simple but this is so complicated??? True it
    is a steep learning cure I will persist….

  18. mbkh10 says:

    The last week you must have counted more features of Joomla as compared
    with Drupal and WordPress.

  19. OSTraining says:

    Thanks, alesssj4!

  20. South Ethiopia says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Willem Dodds says:

    your little thumbnail video is in the way of content of the slides can’t
    you remake this video and move the video further to the side so we cna read
    the entire slide, please? please pm me if you do…

  22. celestail petals says:

    I would like to use the coupon for the ostraining : Is it the
    2011drupalcampindy ?

  23. Bart De Mulder says:

    It wasn’t. Thanks

  24. OSTraining says:

    Thats’s a very broad question, leiseliesel :)

  25. Nicos Antoniou says:

    I would appreciate some links to some good beginner tutorials

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