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A (not so important) question about wordpress?

Question by Lemon: A (not so important) question about wordpress?
What does it mean when wordpress says “The address cannot be registered. Sorry, that site is reserved! But you can sign up and choose another one.”?

Btw Sungmin is a member of a South Korean boy band, Super Junior.

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Answer by Justin
When someone registers a username on, it also reserves the blog address (ex: even if the user does not create it. So, as long as that user name exists, the blog address is reserved.

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What is the best blogging site?

Question by sharkinthewater: What is the best blogging site?
I only know of a few…Blogspot, Tumblr, WordPress, Live Journal, etc…what’s your favorite, and what is the best? are there any other good ones?
thanks. i reallllllllly like tumblr too!

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Answer by Stephanie Grasse
i like tumblr, because it’s all about blogging, and it works nicer for me :)

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Snap Skout Unveils Social Sharebar Plugin for WordPress: Featuring Popular Social Icons and the Skout Button, Surfacing the Best and Most Relevant Deals On the Web

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) December 20, 2013

Snap Skout, a media technology startup focused on delivering the best and most relevant deals on the web, just announced the availability of its first WordPress plugin, the Snap Skout Social Sharebar. With this new plugin, WordPress bloggers can easily download and install a sharebar for no-cost that features the most popular social sharing icons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr) and Skout, a button that surfaces the best deals on the web related to the content on the page. Skout provides a new revenue opportunity for bloggers who want to make money from advertising but do not want the distraction of flashing banner ads or pop-ups. The plugin is available for download in the WordPress directory

By partnering with the best deal networks–and advertisers such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Amazon Local and Gilt, Snap Skout is able to deliver the most relevant offers to readers at the right time and place. When a reader clicks through to an offer, the publisher gets paid.

As the world’s most popular blogging platform, WordPress currently powers about 60 million websites around the world. As of August 2013, WordPress was being used by more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites (source: Wikipedia). By releasing a free social sharebar plugin for WordPress users, Snap Skout hopes to stimulate adoption and increase user feedback so it can become a meaningful contributor to the WordPress world.

Aaron Goodin, CEO of Snap Skout, says, “We love being a part of this creative community and sincerely hope we help generate revenue for each site owner so they can do even greater things.”

In addition to providing social sharing functionality, the Snap Skout Social Sharebar features include:

    Simple horizontal and vertical design that compliments most WP themes
    Fully supported with excellent customer service
    Light weight script which doesn’t slow your site’s loading speed
    Only sharebar that includes the Skout button which helps your readers access helpful information and deals related to the content on the page
    Access to Quantcast Analytics, a powerful website statistics capturing and reporting tool that helps you understand exactly who is visiting your website and what you can do to make it better
    Option to select the order the social sharing icons are displayed
    Option to disable the buttons that you don’t need
    CSS Options to customize the way the sharebar appears
    Manage everything from your WP admin
    No programming skills required
    Super simple, secure and reliable
About Snap Skout

Located in Seattle, WA, Snap Skout is a media technology startup dedicated to connecting brands and customers in an easy, helpful and fun way. Launched in 2013, the Snap Skout widget is a content discovery and digital advertising tool that serves the best deals and exclusive offers related to the content on the page. Snap Skout drives new revenue and increases reader engagement for publishers; while offering advertisers with an opportunity to extend reach in an elegant, non-intrusive format. For more information, visit

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Earning by blogging?

Question by Madan D: Earning by blogging?
Creating a blog is easy in the ready-made format supplied by google. One can earn big amount by displaying adsense ads in the blog. Is there any such way to create a blog in the yahoo and displaying ads of yahoo i.e. if google is to Blog and Adsense, Yahoo is to ?

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Answer by kiranraj.bangalore
check the first of this ebook “blogging 2 bank”


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add script in wordpress blog ?

Question by UVAIS: add script in wordpress blog ?
Hello all..i want to know how to add Script in WordPress blog..i have seen on some video @ youtube but i think they all for old version of wordpress..

Best answer:

Answer by board678
To add javascript to a WordPress page you can either go into the HTML editor (rather than the Visual editor) and add your script there.

You can also add it to the template file.

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