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Chatbox for wordpress blog?

Question by D-X69: Chatbox for wordpress blog?
I need a chatbox for wordpress blog, which is something similar to the blogger one.. or anything is fine which can be chat on the blog by entering their name only.

Please tell me how can I do so.. Thanks..:D

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Answer by Steve B
You can find a few options at the official WordPress site:

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How to get big in blogging and twitter?

Question by Jaycee.: How to get big in blogging and twitter?
im trying to get big in blogging and twitter and i really need help.
How do you go about getting alot of follwers?

btw im @Whoa_Julya

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Answer by Katie
I know allot about blogging and I really want to help you become successful. You can become big in blogging and twitter by doing these things:

1.) Write between 1 to 4 articles everyday. Use highly searched keywords in your articles and titles. When you write articles try to write list type articles. For example: Top 10, Top 20, Top 50, Top 100…

2.) After you are finished writing your article, you should bookmark it right away at these sites: Stumble Upon, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, Facebook and other bookmarking sites you like. Use a catchy title and a nice description.

3.) Then you should go to other blogging sites that talk about things you talk about and read their articles. Then leave a nice comment about what they wrote and why you liked it. This will help create a community on your blog. People from their blog will visit yours and you will get backlinks as well.

4.) To get many targeted twitter followers you will need to “add people that are interested in what you talk about”. Find someone that is popular that is on twitter that talks about the same niche. Then add their followers. Don’t add to many each day. About 50-100 per. day. After they follow you, thank them.
Then tweet “top 10″ kinds of posts. People love these and feel like they have to know what is the top. Curiosity is what makes them want to click and know more :)

I hope these things helped you. If you need any more help let me know.

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Questions about blogging(WORDPRESS!) I’ll give best answer?

Question by Eddie Gor: Questions about blogging(WORDPRESS!) I’ll give best answer?
Hey Guys I have this question

is it true

i made a blog in and do i have to have a host for my blog? or wordpress is already my host? and if i moved the domain to .tk (free) do i need a host? or can i host it by my self ? :DDD

and I’ll give BEST ANSWER to the BEST answer!



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Answer by David D blogs are hosted by WordPress. You need your own host if you download the WordPress software from

If you used .tk (but don’t, they suck), then you would need to upgrade your account to a premium account that supports domains, or change hosts.

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how do you post a header on wordpress??

Question by dylngry3: how do you post a header on wordpress??
i have a header for my wordpress but dont know how to post the dang thing

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Answer by Ron

WordPress – Adding Images to Your Post and Pages:
Using Images:
Using Image and File Attachments:

15 Useful WordPress Tricks to Make Your Theme Even Better:

22 Mixed Quality WordPress Hacks:
7 Essential WordPress Hacks:


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Blogging for Business?

Question by : Blogging for Business?

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Answer by ?
I think, some blogging is very effective for any business. You can do…..

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