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wordpress skin?

Question by Confused: wordpress skin?
How to create a custom wordpress skin? Have no knowledge in php language. Any step by step tutorials? Thanks

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Answer by John K
WordPress has a great site and very active user group. That’s where I’d be looking for help.

Good luck.

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Whats a good blogging website?

Question by random: Whats a good blogging website?
I’m interested in starting a blog, do you recommend any specific sites?

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Answer by dragec
If you are looking for free blogging site you have choice :

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Doubts about wordpress…?

Question by Aarav: Doubts about wordpress…?
till now i was under the assumption that you cannot generate revenue from type sites
but i saw an advert on such a site which looked like adsense!
so is it possible to put adverts via adsense on such websites or not?

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Answer by Smelly Cat
First couple of links will detail for you:

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Free blogging websites?

Question by Erin: Free blogging websites?
I’m just a teen wanting to describe my life. Most different from most others I can assure you!

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Answer by Dylan offered by google

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Is my WordPress Blog completely private?

Question by Paul R: Is my WordPress Blog completely private?
I already know that it can’t be found via search engine because there was an option I checked for it to be that way. Can other people who use wordpress browse wordpress blogs? Is my blog revealed to people only if I give them my link, because that’s how I would like it to be.

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Answer by mrtwentytwenty
There is almost no such thing as PRIVATE on the web.

You can tweak your settings, but sooner or later, someone will link to you,or reveal your location.

Here is something interesting. If I find ANY public website, I can get the site’s IP address. Once I have that, I can find out EVERY SITE that is on that server. Some sites have clickable links to every site that is on that server.

You can’t escape that.

I hope that helps.

If you want to keep some posts private, you can password protect them with the publishing settings for each individual post.

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