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How do you get a job blogging?

Question by Zach Robinson: How do you get a job blogging?
Hoe do you get a blogging job what website do I go to I’n order to get started blogging? How do you make money from your blog? How does it all work?

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Answer by Brad
How To Set Up Your First Blog The Right Way the First Time

Starting Your First WordPress Site?

Your 5 Simple Steps Away From making money with Your Own Blog.

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I want to start blogging but I never have any topics?

Question by Brandon: I want to start blogging but I never have any topics?
I was wondering if there was any website that has a new blogging topic everyday. Also, if there’s a site that has topics a 13 year old would know about would be nice. =D thanks, brandon.

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Answer by teenmoney
Pick something you are interested in. If you like sports create a sports blog. You don’t even need to have a topic. Just write a random something everyday. You can find funny videos, write a poem, just write whatever.

But if you want to write about one topic pick something you like to do and you should be able to come up with stuff to write.

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How do I get videos from youtube onto a wordpress blog?

Question by ♥ Legally Blonde ♥: How do I get videos from youtube onto a wordpress blog?
I need to now how to copy and paste or whatever videos from youtube to a wordpress blog! DO I save it in fav’s then upload it or what?

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Answer by pearl
maybe you just copy and paste the youtube video html code to your wordpress blog

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How to earn money by blogging?

Question by manu: How to earn money by blogging?
I’ve been seeing a lot of sites that pay people for blogging but i can’t them to accept my blogs! What kind of blogs do advertisers prefer? Do blogs on sites like blogger stand a chance? And since i don’t know the nuances of paid blogging can somebody explain them to me?

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Answer by Adeife Adebiyi
There are several ways to earn money from blogging and using blogger does not stop you from earning money from your blog. It is just that wordpress is the most popular therefore preferred blogging platform.

Some ways you can make money are
1. Google adsense
2. Selling ad space
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Selling your own product etc

But what you should focus on is creating valuable content that can attract good number of traffic.

The more the quality traffic the more the money advertisers will be ready to pay and the more chances you will have to make some commissions from affiliates marketing…

Go ahead and be successful…

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What sought of stuff do you do for blogging?

Question by Kaye B: What sought of stuff do you do for blogging?
What area are there in blogging you can make money from> And doesn’t cost? Thankyou. Happy Holidays to you all, and stay safe

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Answer by TexGent
There are many niches you can do for blogging that can and will make money for you without costing anything. You can use one of the many free keyword finders available online to find niches.

For instance, I used one of the free keyword finders that told me how many times a day a phrase is searched for, and how many pages about it are indexed in google, yahoo, and MSN.

I chose a phrase that had 277 searches a day for it, started a blog using that keywrod phrase, threw up a few free private label articles, and put an affiliate link in each one a couple of times. In less than 24 hours, the blog was indexed by google and yahoo, and started generating traffic that were interested buyers in that particular niche.

Next, I’m going to go to sitemeter .com and get one of their free site meters and put it on the blog so that I will know how many visitors I get, where they come from, how long they on my blog, what articles interest them the most, and generates the most clicks on my affiliate link.

that way i can throw up more articles similar to the ones that are converting the most, and generate more click-thrus for my affiliate link… which equals more money made.

All this for no cost. If you go to and join their free to join downloads club, you’ll see that give you many free software, ebooks, videos, etc… that can help you find profitable niches.

That’s how I found my software and profitable niche finders and how to identify profitable niches.

Hope this has been of help and you’re free to contact me for further assistance if needed.

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